When Stick Dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

It’s been nearly 30 years since the first colossal stick dinosaur roamed the planet. Initially built for the prestigious Longwood Gardens, one of the premier horticultural display gardens dedicated to botany, design, education, and art, in the United States.


Stickasaurus, created by Long Island, NY artist David Rogers for the 1993 Return of the Dinosaurs, Chrysanthemum Festival, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA was purchased and moved in 1994 by Ken Iscol. The sculpture was trailered and paraded up the I-95 corridor, across the George Washington Bridge to their private residence.  There, Stickasaurus became one of the most (of many) famous residents in the community of Pound Ridge, NY. 


Stickasaurus is made of natural materials by the artist David Rogers as a has always been hesitant to accept commissions on these “one-off”, a one of a kind giant wooden work of art. However, like his contemporaries, many of whom have also been collected by the Iscol’s such as Andrew Goldsworthy and Patrick Dougherty, David’s work is special, site specific, and integrated beautifully within the natural landscape. His work has been highly sought after for Botanical Gardens and landscapes across the United States over the last 30 years.


In 2006, after 12 years in the forest, guarding the entrance to the Iscol estate, the sculpture was in need of restoration. Being of natural materials the work had succumbed to the natural order of things. The artist himself took time from his exhibition touring schedule to painstakingly restore the work to its original grandeur. 


In 2022, because of Stickasaurus’s long history in the community, the Iscol Family generously donated the sculpture to the town of Pound Ridge, NY. He will live out his days in Lions Park at Scott Corners, where the whole community and passers-by can enjoy his enormity. The move and restoration of the work to accommodate the new site and elevation changes was quite an accomplishment for the artist David Rogers. Now sixty, Dave was excited about the opportunity to revisit a beloved work created at the onset befinning of his career. With the restoration complete and a new marker acknowledging the generous donation of this Public Art by the Iscol Family to the town.


On American Moments, Charles Kuralt called the artist David Rogers “a committed man. As a woodsman of New York, he was not out to fell a living tree, but to bring dead ones back to life…as something else.”  Lucky for New York, some things don’t change or become the status quo or lose their unique quality and shine. 


David Rogers has spent his time between these colossal moves creating and managing an art exhibit that makes this singular placement look like as Kuralt described, “mere child’s play”.  Who could imagine having so much fun as a grown-up. David is a Big Bug wrangler. His exhibition of beautifully hand-crafted, dinosaur-sized insects travels across the country to Botanical Gardens and Museums, creating quite the buzz and many heartfelt conversations about our stewardship of the natural environment. 

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